Download of the Day: Djayというエントリーより。

Mac OS X only: Freeware program Djay is a music mixing app that provides seemless integration with your iTunes music library, letting you mix your digital music on two very cool interactive turntables.


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Intel Macにも対応しています。対応フォーマットはmp3、aiff、wav、aac、cafで、Bonjourでリアルタイムに接続することも可能です。


• Real-time audio mix transmission over Bonjour network
• Real-time audio mix recording
• iTunes Integration
• Automatic artwork image loading on both turntables
• customizable vinyl
• Forward spinning
• Time-Stretching
• Pitch-Shifting with amazing blend effect
• 5 band Equalizer
• Audio Unit Effects Support
• Pre-Cueing (requires multichannel sound card)
• Crossfade automation
• Manual Beat Counting
• Magnetic tempo slider for precise beat matching
• Cue points for beat-juggling
• GarageBand instruments integration via network
• AppleScriptability for mixing automation