「MacBook Air」来週にもマイナーアップデートか?

2014 04 25 1210

現行の「MacBook Air」の11インチモデルと13インチモデルが、来週にもマイナーアップデートするのでは、と伝えられています。Rumor: Minor MacBook Air refresh coming as soon as next week | 9to5Macという記事です。

French site MacG is citing “reliable sources” in suggesting a minor refresh to the MacBook Air line-up next week. With Intel having updated its range of laptop CPUs, it seems likely the 11- and 13-inch machines will see a small increase in speed, from the existing 1.3GHz chip to either 1.4GHz or 1.5GHz.



ただ「MacBook Air」ユーザとして気になるのは、やはり噂になっている12インチモデルですね。

If you can wait until later in the year, however, you’ll probably get much more for your money when it’s strongly rumored that Apple will be launching an all-new 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina display in Q3.




12インチの「MacBook Air」登場間近か!?