Stream your iTunes library to any computerというエントリーより。

The Profit42 blog has a simple, three-step tutorial for sharing your iTunes library over the internet.




「Hamachi」というキーワードで検索してネタフルにくる人もけっこういます。2006年4月7日の時点で「Hamachi community grows to 2.000.000 users」だそうです。


Share iTunes music over the internet in 3 easy steps

A few hours ago I was searching for a way to share my music itunes library with some friends. After trying some different options I think I found the best one. Hamachi allows you to share your iTunes library with a few mouse clicks (and only with people you know so it won’t destroy your bandwidth).





1. Hamachiをインストールして開く
2. 新しいネッワトークを作成する


1. Open iTunes and Click Edit>Preferences>Sharing.
2. Click the ‘Share my music’ checkbox.
3. Now give the name of your network along with the passowrd to someone you know, let him join your network and start iTunes. If he or she also follows the previous two steps (not the netwrk creation) you will also be able to listen to his/her music!

ホントだ。iTunesの音楽を共有設定して、それをHamachi経由で共有する感じでしょうか。HamachiはMac OS X用がないので試せていないのですが、確かにこれならば簡単そうです。