Googleも「Macworld Expo」に出展

Google at Macworld Expoというエントリーより。

It’s almost time! We’re putting the finishing touches on our plans for next week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

ビッグな発表が期待される「Macworld Expo」ですが、Googleもブースを持って出展するそうです(場所はS-2138)。

– Meet people who work on Google Mac products like Desktop, Gadgets, Notifier, Picasa Uploader, Earth, and SketchUp, plus YouTube and mobile/iPhone products.

– If you’re feeling photogenic, visit our confessional to tell your own Google story on video.

– Of course, we’ll have plenty of demos, games, and contests — including a chance to win a Google-customized Vespa that you have to see to believe.

– Be sure to drop by on Tuesday, Jan. 15th at 4:30 pm to meet some of our Google Mac engineering team. Most of us are very friendly and unlikely to bite. Please come by and say hello!


日本でも「Macworld Expo」を復活させてくれないものかしら。