iTunesとPalmをシンクロさせる「The Missing Sync for Palm OS」

Synchronizing iTunes with your Palm and moreというエントリーより。

The Missing Sync for Palm OS which lets you sync all kinds of information between your Palm and your Mac, including music.

The Missing Sync for Palm OSというソフトを使用すると、音楽を含んだデータをMacとPalmでシンクロできるそうです。手間がかからないシンクロ重要です。

The Missing Sync for Palm OSのウェブサイトを見ると、

• Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Sync Services savvy *
• Synchronizes with Address Book & iCal data *
• Support for expanded Palm OS contact info and contact photos *
• Synchronizes iCal calendars to Palm OS calendar categories *
• Included MemoPad application supports Spotlight searching *
• Supports existing Palm conduits such as FileMaker and Entourage
• Folder Sync conduit keeps files in sync
• Synchronizes iTunes playlists, including those that randomize
• Synchronizes iPhoto albums; copies device photos into iPhoto
• Connects via USB cable/dock, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
• Mounts memory expansion cards on the Mac Desktop
• Shares your Mac’s Internet connection for email and web access
• SyncMinder™ reminds you to sync
• Backs up and restores your device and memory expansion cards
• Includes Mark/Space Conduit for AvantGo
• Includes SplashPhoto Viewer
• Includes TimeCopy conduit to sync your device’s clock

とかなり高機能です。iTunes playlists、iPhoto albumsのシンクロ、Bluetoothでの接続などなかなか良い感じ。39.95ドルですが、有料でも欲しいですね。

と、ここでW-ZERO3がWindows Mobileなので、それもシンクロできないかと探してみたら「The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile」もあった! わお!

• Support for Mac OS X Tiger
• Synchronize with Address Book & iCal
• Synchronize with Microsoft Entourage 2004
  Contacts, Dates & Tasks
• Connect via USB cable/dock, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
• Mount your Pocket PC on the Mac OS X Desktop
• Import/export images with iPhoto
• Send/receive email and surf the web
• SyncMinder™ reminds you to sync
• Install Pocket PC apps in CAB format
• Includes AvantGo client for Pocket PC
• Includes SplashPhoto Viewer
• All-new user interface
• Plugin architecture supports future additions

Address BookやiCalとシンクロしてくれるならば、まだきちんと使っていないんだけど使ってみようかという気にも。Wi-Fiでも接続できるのか。良い。

と思ったら「Windows Mobile 5.0 devices are NOT currently supported」だそうです。早く対応して〜。