MacとW-ZERO3をシンクさせるには「The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile」が良いかな、と思っているのですが、

Windows Mobile 5.0 devices are NOT currently supported; they will be supported with a free update.


Supported Devicesのページを見ると、「Windows Mobile 5 Devices, Support Pending」として「Sharp - W-ZERO3 (Japanese)」が掲載されています。きちんとアップデートはされているみたいですね。



• Support for Mac OS X Tiger
• Synchronize with Address Book & iCal
• Synchronize with Microsoft Entourage 2004 Contacts, Dates & Tasks
• Connect via USB cable/dock, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
• Mount your Pocket PC on the Mac OS X Desktop
• Import/export images with iPhoto
• Send/receive email and surf the web
• SyncMinder™ reminds you to sync
• Install Pocket PC apps in CAB format
• Includes AvantGo client for Pocket PC
• Includes SplashPhoto Viewer
• All-new user interface
• Plugin architecture supports future additions