11 tips to free up space on your Macというエントリーより。

In today’s digital world, hard-drive space get’s eaten up fast. Video, music, podcasts, games, applications, documents; they all start to add up and fill your hard-drive before you even know it. Let’s fight back, and step by step, rescues that valued space back!


1. Download the application AppZapper, and go through your application folder, zapping all unneeded and unused applications you can find.


2. Download the application Monolingual, and remove all language files, which are non-local. This can free up to 2GB of space, a significant step to freeing space.


3. Open up iPhoto and delete photos you no longer need. Remember iPhoto has it’s own application trashcan so remember to empty that.


4. Open up iTunes and delete all of the music and podcasts you no longer like or need.


5. Spend some time and go through your documents, movies, and pictures folder, deleting any junk you no longer have any use for.


6. Clear our old email messages in Apple’s Mail.


7. Go to Library>Caches, and delete anything you see from applications you no longer have installed. Repeat the process in Library>Preferences.


8. Go to Library>Safari, and delete the “icons” folder. This stores all of the icons on websites, which appear next to the web-address. This will also speed up your Safari web browsing.


9. If you don’t use it, remove Apple OS9. To remove it, drag the OS9 system, and the OS9 applications folder to the trash from the root of your hard drive.

使っていなければMac OS 9を削除する。Mac OS 9システムをドラッグ&ドロップでゴミ箱へ。Mac OS 9アプリケーションもハードディスクのルートからゴミ箱へ。

10. If you don’t need it, remove the Xcode installer, from the Installers folder in your Applications folder.


11. Go to Music>GarageBand, and delete any GarageBand demo songs.




「9」もやってもいいかなぁ、と思っていたのですが、やはり大丈夫みたいですね。Mac OS 9環境は削除しようと思います。あとは「10」もやってみます。



Mac OS Xではデフラグは必要ないと言われていたと思うのですが、今まで最もパワフルなデフラグツールとして紹介されています。

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