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?Source Claims 11.6? MacBook Air Incoming

A whole new internal layout is in order � probably borrowing a lot from the iPad, but using a Core i3 processor with more RAM, hybrid graphics, and a few of the usual accessory ports. I think they�re going to put something out that�s only a little thicker than the iPad when closed, and resembles the design of that device and the iPhone 4 (i.e. sharper edges).

?AppleInsider | Sources: Apple to unveil revamped 11.6-inch MacBook Air next week

Externally, all indications point to the new Air sporting an enclosure that largely resembles that of the existing 13.3-inch model, but scaled down to fit the new 11.6-inch screen. However, a third person who claims to have caught a glimpse of one of the prototypes says the edges appear more defined than curved and that the side profile of the unit is slightly more wedge-shaped.

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