2014 06 19 0903

New Low-Cost iMac 40% Slower in Multi-Core, Comparable in Single-Core Benchmarks - Mac Rumorsによると早速、新しい「iMac(Mid 2014)」21.5インチモデルのベンチマークが公開されているそうです。

As expected, the new machine posts relatively low 32-bit scores of 2820 in single-core mode and 5435 in multi-core mode. These scores are marginally better than the 2476/4690 scores posted by the current-generation MacBook Air running the same chip and actually fairly close to single-core scores from the previous low-end iMac model, which remains available, at 2882.

同じCPUを使った現行のMacBook Airの数値である2476/4690よりも高速になっています。

2014 06 19 0905